The Vision
Tackling Coastal Litter

SCRAPbook is an innovative third-sector collaboration to capture and map all of mainland Scotland’s coastline and inshore waters through aerial photography to identify litter and pollution hotspots…….and we need your help!

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Your time and donations will transform Scotland’s coastline and inshore waters as we work together to tackle litter and pollution.Vicky Junik, Project Partner

Introducing SCRAPbookAbout the project

Thanks to Blue Planet II, a small visionary project out of the Moray Firth has grown into a Scotland-wide initiative to comprehensively capture and map, through aerial photography, the Scottish mainland’s entire coastline and inshore waters to identify litter and pollution hotspots.

This exciting third sector partnership between the Marine Conservation Society, Sky Watch and the Moray Firth Partnership will involve an experienced fleet of volunteer pilots and photographers identifying and recording coastline affected by litter and pollution.

That evidence will be mapped through an interactive web-based hub that will help direct targeted clean-up activities and litter surveys. A coalition of community, third sector, and corporate groups, as well as individual volunteers from right acoss Scotland are already on-board and ready to utilise the project outputs.

We are currently running regional trials involving all local coastal partnerships around Scotland to develop our mapping capabilities and direct on ground response teams. To view the trial locations around Scotland click here and to get involved in these early stages please visit our volunteering page.

SCRAPbook is being designed to not only catalyse the most comprehensive and effective clean-up of our coasts, but to greatly increase the amount of data available about our coastal litter and pollution, which organisations can then use to drive change so Scotland’s coasts will become cleaner, and stay cleaner!

To volunteer with this project, either to fly the planes, take the photos, sift the photos, or clean the litter please visit our volunteering opportunities page.

To donate to this exciting work please click the donate button at the top of the page. Read more on the project needs and funding requirements.

For more information on the project please email For more information on marine and coastal litter please visit Marine Conservation Society For more information about or to donate directly to any of the partners, please click on their logos below.