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You Should KnowWhy donate?

As three charities – small, medium, and large – we are reliant on individual and corporate donations to ensure this incredible, brand-new project can continue beyond its first full round of photos! We have all seen from our trips to the coast that every tide can bring in a new wave of litter which is why we need SCRAPbook to continue far into the future. We need to provide Scotland with the database it needs to show where the problem areas are and how they may change over time.

  • Keep the planes in the air

  • Keep the aerial photographs coming in

  • Support the portal

    Make this vital information available to all across Scotland

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Any cheques (made payable to "Moray Firth Partnership" and with "Scrapbook" written on the back) should go to:

Moray Firth Partnership
Great Glen House
Leachkin Road