The Coastal Litter Problem

All sorts of litter ends up polluting our beaches and coasts, from plastic bottles to oil drums, fishing boxes to take away packaging, plastic shopping bags to industrial strapping bands, the list goes on….

It has ended up there due to the influence of people, the movements of the ocean’s tides and currents and the shape of the coastline. We all have a responsibility to be part of the solution. SCRAPbook is encouraging people from all walks of life to get out, make a difference in their area and join in the clean-up of Scotland’s coastline.

What are we doing?

Planes and Crews

Accessing the images

All the images are available under a Creative Commons license agreement. ( If you would like to reuse the images, we ask that they are appropriately credited and that you abide by the terms of the license. The classification data set based on the images can also be shared by arrangement.
To request images or classification data please contact us at to discuss your requirements. In future, we also aim to make our data available to other data sharing portals.

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